"Ag based insight integrating the technology, investment, & agri-culture worlds together to ensure a more fruitful future"

Ag based expertise allows Ag Tech Insight to bring the technology, investment, and agricultural worlds together through the rapidly growing ag tech industry while providing real life solutions for a more fruitful future. Startups and the tech world have amazing ideas and concepts, and investors want to help bring those to the market, but often times they do not have the integration or in-field experience necessary to produce market viable solutions or implementation.

To fully understand the power of a solution, it is necessary to understand the daily routine of the farmers and their potential needs for technology, in order to form the pathway for the initial stages of integration, learning, and calibration.

Leveraging our decades of experience in many aspects of commercial agriculture enables start-ups and investors to find viable solutions and product placement in the agricultural marketplace. We work closely with industry professionals to provide in-field testing, product R&D and grower feedback to ensure that your Ag Tech solution will be successful and profitable for years to come.

About Us

Over the past 45 years, our team members have been integrating the best ideas and advancements available to the agriculture industry. We have designed, built, and implemented new tractor equipment, revolutionized row crop irrigation by incorporating drip tape in Salinas Valley, started drip tape recycling programs and hydrostatic harvesting. We’ve brought dozens of new software solutions to our market, from multiple GPS asset tracking systems to world-leading data collection and remote management. Recently we diversified and significantly improved current monitoring and control systems for some of the largest names in the business.

Located in Salinas Valley- home to the most diverse and intensive growing practices in the world. We have access to a vast array of any crops and some of the best growers in the industry. With these relationships in our pocket, we can help you bring the best solution possible to the Ag market in a timely manor, without wasting unnecessary resources and money.

We have integrated equipment for: Ranch Systems, John Deere, Netafim, Jain, Pure Sense, Climate Minder, Adcon, Decagon, ESI, Davis Instruments, Irrometer, Sentek, Aqua Spy, Dynamax, Sperion, Geoforce, Tracmap, Andros Engineering, Omni, Amiad and many more.

Our principles & staff have combined experience of:

50+ years of commercial farming across California

  • Soil, plant, water & weather relationships
  • Greenhouse & indoor growing systems
  • Ag engineering
  • Grower-led feedback
  • End user interface needs — suggestions, requirements and upgrades
  • Tech conversions from old to new Commercial & small scale farming
  • Use case reports
  • Field testing

50+ years of ag irrigation design, sales and installation expertise. Incorporation of most current & best products into efficient Irrigation Systems. GPS surveying, system efficiency, filtration, fertigation, underground, drip, micro sprinklers, sprinkler, flood, linear and overhead application, irrigation application, and uniformity

  • Sales, installation, implementation, integration & maintenance of thousands of ag tech products and equipment currently in commercial ag operations across California
  • Working experience of almost a dozen software platforms
  • Installation
  • Telemetry / data transport
  • Variety of sensors (Soil moisture, weather, tank / pond level, meter, water, etc.)
  • Control via AC & DC, high & low voltage relay pump control & VFD / Modbus control
  • Helping growers calibrate themselves with the solutions provided
  • Turning big data into actionable data
  • Website design
  • Photography & video services

How the process works

We start by having potential clients complete a short survey to help us get an idea of their current position in the development process and which services will be most useful. From here, we usually will meet in person or do an online meeting for an initial consultation. Sometimes, this is all the client needs. Based on the information obtained from the initial meeting, we can accurately assess current and future needs, while proposing the most beneficial way to collaborate on the project.

We can provide a host of customizable solutions worldwide to help with their ag tech project, from concept to completion, to any degree you wish.

  • Product assessment & guidance
  • Direction for product placement
  • Prototyping
  • Support & mentoring for farm — based tech ideas
  • Hardware / equipment design
  • In-field testing on any crop — short & long growing cycles
  • Tech accepting, grower feedback from traditional practices to new tech applications
  • Spanish fluency
  • Software & mobile apps
  • Website design & services
  • Photography and video services
  • Installation and user manuals and videos
  • Solution effectiveness within government mandated regulations
  • Project management
  • Scalable production
  • Customer support
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • and much more!

Whether you have an ag-related tech idea, exploring an investment opportunity, or are a grower trying to find the perfect solution to keep you ahead of the market, we can help! Regardless of your current position in the development phase or if you are simply seeking verification from industry leaders that your funds are being best used toward the right technologies or companies, we have the resources to help you make educated and profitable decisions.


Are you tired of being bombarded by start-ups, researchers, & Investors wanting to meet and show you their ideas only to find that they do not have a solution ready or necessary for your operation? Join other growers in referring these ideas to AgTech Insight so that we can work with them to refine the solution to be what you actually need. Once we feel the product is ready, we will bring these field-ready solutions to you to further test in your fields & give feedback through us to be sure to develop the best possible solution to help your operation. Often times you will have the opportunity to invest into your personally proven solution and keep your investments in the industry you know and love.


The success of any solution is based upon building products that are ready for your target market and to be sure that the market is ready to easily embrace your idea. It is a challenge for most growing operations to integrate AgTech throughout their traditional business and farming practices. Our experience has been that growers continually adapt to technology and as they learn the full potential of its abilities, they will push the limits. This process can takes months, or even years without our guided expertise.

Through years of Ag industry integration across many platforms, crop varieties, growing regions, and unmatched customer relations, we help you create and verify a saleable, commercial ready solution.

We have many of the largest growers in the world are waiting to give feedback and test an idea in their fields on many varieties of crops. These companies are often looking for investment options for the products they help shape into a market ready product or service. AgTech Insight has relationships with angel investors, venture capital, private investment, incubators, and accelerators to bring your solution to market. We will work with you to evaluate your product at any stage of the development phase from concept to final product, marketing and implementation.

We rate your solution on a scale of 0-100 on our market viability scale, which takes into account target market, competition, price point, longevity, physical characteristics, user experience, field incorporation, diagnostic capabilities, installation practices, marketing strategy, & overall value.


Ag Tech Insight (ATI) provides guidance and direction for investors entering the newly emerging AgTechnology industry. Forbes’ partnership with the Steinbeck Innovation cluster and their ag tech summit series, has proven that the Ag technology market will be the next, world-wide multi-billion dollar industry. Our AgTech experience, coupled with decades of grower relationships, business management, unmet customer service, real estate, start-up, distribution channels, marketing, & Investment success makes ATI the perfect partner to guide you into the Ag centric market. Our world class list of partners and advisors, along with our available software/Hardware, research & development teams, deliver the imperative expertise to assist your venture at any level.

AgTech Market Map


The companies listed below are just a partial snapshot of those within our orbit. If you are interested in a specific category or do not see your company listed please contact us at Solutions@agtechinsight.com



Meet the Ag Tech Insight team, providing a realistic approach to helping start-ups and investors deliver the most viable and successful solutions for the future of commercial agriculture worldwide.


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